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Standard Specifications

Paper type  White Kraft, Testliner 
Paper Weight 150 gsm/m2; 0.30 lbs/ft2
Paper width 115 cm; 45.27 in
Glue PVA
Glue Type High Compression
Cell Type Wide Cell
Pitches 8cm
Glue Line Width 0.9 xm; 0.35 in
Height Up to 60cm;23.6in
Compressed Length 4cm; 1.57in
Expanded Legnth 160-200cms; 63-78.74in
Load Capacity 1360kg;3000lbs
White Kraft
  • These standard specifications can, and most likely will change depending on your performance and design requirements.
  • The height, cell type, and pitch can vary to offer different load capacities based on your specific needs.
  • The main difference between paper types is the color. The white paper takes more effort to manufacture and comes from virgin fibers, which increases its cost.
  • The manufacturing facility is located in Egypt.
  • New manufacturing facility in the USA expected to be operational in 2023.
  • Our R&D team will work with you to determine the best solution for your product.
  • More detailed information is available at request.